Play dimesion in the Biomimicry workshop: part 1

The first step to be taken while designing according to biomimicry principles is to define the functions we want to implement in our Play dimension. This is the core topic of the article.

If we do not have a defined idea of what our design will do we can easily reach the moment in which the whole structure of our work collapses due to the lack of basic, foundamental considerations.
Therefore it is crucial to explicitly identify which functions are desirable in our Play dimension.
The underlying scenario is the one of a town in which the energy is handled by a Smart Grid structure: virtually each house has its own solar panels and other sources of energy and the whole structure has to fulfill an ideal condition of self-sufficiency.

How can we insert the Play dimension in this framework?

The foundamental functions we have identified are:
- entertainment (people have to find the activities funny and engaging);
- increase of safety (promote the development of a safer environment);
- covering the spatial domain (implement a distribute play environment);
- increase social interactions.

The next question is: how does nature actuate all these functions?

Alessio Contini , Vic Van Peborgh , Areti Bandi