Presentation Working Progress

By rehearsing our final Presentation, we had to skip some parts to fulfill the time requirements

After we designed our slides for the final presentation, we decided to show some hand drawings during the presentation as well. So people can compare between the plants we want to biomimicry and the final designs we want to realize. But during the presentation we learned that it´s a better visualization for the audience the show everything on the screen, so people don´t get confused by switching from on center of attention to another one.
We found a lot of examples for Biomimicry of water storing, cleaning and distributing, so now it was time to make a selection for the best examples nature gives us. We decided only to take the Namibian Lichen, the Bromeliad and the namibian Welwetschia.
Unfortunately we had to discard the termite hills and the Eastgate Building in Namibia, although its a great natural cooling system and a guidepost in using less energy for air-conditioning.
Jaco suggested to point out more our Idea of the Blopp (the biological organic portable purifyer) and show an image that the audience can have a better imagination of our device. Instead of the termite hills in Africa we added a visualization of the Blopp.
The working process of our presentation, showed us to concentrate and focus on our main ideas and discard all unnecessary and confusing information.

Franziska Scheuermann