Visit to InterFLOR factory

In order to experience a real application to biomimicry, our course visited InterFLOR factory

InterFLOR is a carpet factory very different from the conventional factory type and it is well-known for its ecological commitment with nature. It has a specialized team working only in finding ways to reduce pollution in the production process and searching for new techniques to reuse as much material as possible. For example, they no longer use ink, but laser coding to make marks and they use recycled cardboard to make boxes.
The link with our course was the biomimicry part of the production process: instead of using glue, which is bad for the environment because the CO2 emissions it involves, there is a new technique based on the behavior of a lizard: it has little hooks that enable the animal to stick its feet to the ground and move on slippery rocks or walls.
We also took a tour through the factory and learn about the production and testing processes which I personally found very interesting and informative

Beatriz Martin de Andres