Program Presence, Smart Grid & Biomimicry

1. How do I design Human Presence in a smart-grid?
2. How do I design Life in a smart-grid?
3. How do Life and Human presence go together in a smart grid?

Aim of the workshop is to introduce you to presence design and bio-mimicry and explore how this might be applied to concepts of smart-grids.

Fields of application: Shelter, Water, Food, Waste, Transport, Play.

- Process: Attitude, participation
- Documentation: Use the website to do research show progress and present a product or service (to be developed, of course) Minimum-requirements: 10 articles in Being-here every article consist of an image and text (more is allowed;-)
- Presentation on Friday: 10 minutes and elucidates a hands-on detailed idea of human presence in a field of application related to a smart-grid. After each presentation 10 minutes feedback.
- Quality of production-function or service-function: integration approaches (presence design and bio-mimicry) usability, originality, degree of eco-effectiveness