Day 3

Discussions with the other teams

On the day 3, we have done a presentation about our work so far. It was a great occasion to learn the ideas of the other teams. So after those presentations, we could discuss in team and with the other teams of our ideas. It was not easy because every single person was having different opinions. Moreover, I had the impression that most of the people of this course has a strong personality, which turned the discussions into long debates. The most difficult was to conciliate the design of the other teams with the shelter team.
Then, we have been asked to do a list about what we can provide and what need. I found this list a bit weird for our shelter team. Indeed, as I think that our role is to conciliate and organise the space according to the other teams. So it was hard to come up with a project without having the conclusions of the other teams.
Finally, we saw a movie about the Fibonacci numbers and the nature. It was really beautiful and astonishing. This film was an example of what we could do to amaze the final jury.