The fourth day

Today was the most exhausting day. Not only the fact, that we spent 11 hours at the university, but the discussions, confrontations of ideas and hard work made me very tired.
The group had to face multiple problems, had to cooperate with every group and had to meet every expectation that other groups had. This was a really hard job. It was a cause of many disagreements in the group and constant adjustments of the structure. Finally we found an optimal structure which incorporates many of the ideas we and other groups had. Yet we have a lot of work to do before the presentation, but at least we have the main points cleared.
The lack of the technology that I am used to, made me a bit uncomfortable. At home when I am making sketches of the variations of similar structures I use a digital sketching device. Multiple things contributed to the fact that I could not take my tablet to this trip, but the result was clear; I could not sketch as effectively as I usually do.
I am already excited about tomorrow's presentation! Yet we have some good ideas which we could not put into our slides, but hopefully tomorrow we will be able to digitalize and present them.