Day 3: Of Group Work and Garrulous Discussions

A day choc-a-bloc with the planning of our designs. Assembling and dismantling several ideas and crazy critiquing.

Some days in our lives are just so full, that we hardly have enough at the end to put together complete sensible sentences. I guess, this was truly one of those.

Our group, consisting of Romain, Jan, Federica, Marta and I put together not one but three full presentations on our work focusing on designing the Food/Waste aspect of the Engineering building.

It was tremendous hard work that our team put in. From Federica's perfect presentations to Marta's hard work in churning out articles to Romain's out of the box thinking with Jan's focus on the task at hand. I feel very lucky to have such an enthusiastic team, whose conviction in our work was as strong as mine.

Why conviction you ask? Well at the end of the day, during our Give and Take session, when faced with questions from all sides, we stayed strong and supported our answers with full gusto. For our course truly has amazing competition, the other groups are just as smart as us leading to an intense 'Battle Royale' when it comes to justifying our beliefs.

I hope for more of the same tomorrow as we get closer to the end of our course and also hence our Project plans.