Day 4: Of Botanical Gardens and Beautiful Presentations

We prepare ourselves wholeheartedly for the final presentation

It started at 9 AM and went all the way till 10 PM at night, as the team slogged it out over the presentation techniques.

We worked after giving two prelim presentations which were not the best we could do. And it is exactly that, what inspired us to put in the extra effort to achieve the most from all of us.

We had a nice intermission where we visited the beautiful Botanical Garden. An experience truly nostalgic as I tried to remember all the botany that my parents had taught me over the millions of dinner discussions and nature trips. I guess being the son of two biologists certainly helps somewhere! :D It was the synergy in nature that I witnessed while at the greenhouse that inspired me once more about what we needed to achieve in our project. Be it the ants-banana plant symbiosis, or the 'complete pond' that I found inside with big/small fish with nice vegetation. It was all about reliving great memories of always having a special bond with nature and hence representing it as best as I could through what I spoke.

So while Federica and Romain worked endlessly on the Prezi presentation. Marta, Jan and I worked on the articles and the images.

A tiring day but hopefully a rewarding one as tomorrow will tell.