The greatest challenge of my future career

Lizet column #1

I’m not a participant of this project because I like ‘sustainability’ that much, actually I find the term kind of annoying. I’m also not a participant because I love Texel, actually I have never been there before.  I’m also not a participant because I love nature, actually I prefer a vibrant city.  I’m a participant because I will become an engineer next year and will hopefully (re)create a lot of big stuff (housing, stations, roads, rails etcetera) and the greatest challenge of all these future projects will be to fulfil them in a responsible way.  After all, we want to live in a beautiful and pleasant environment and also give that opportunity to our children.

The coming months me and my team will focus on the materials and waste on Texel. When I look at my own trash can, it is shocking to see how fast it fills and I’m sure Texel has the same problem.  Our aim is to come with a beautiful plan that helps Texel reducing her material metabolism. I’m looking forward to this project since I am convinced that much benefits can be achieved in the waste management. In the meanwhile, my personal goal is to make sure that these benefits also count for my own trash can.


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