1. Ambitions - Problem Statement - Research Question

Texel needs be distinguished as a unique educational/leisure island!

Problem statement

Festivals with activities are a great way to reach lots of people who are going participating for fun. Except from Texel, other islands of the Wadder Sea like Vlieland and Terschelling have their own festivals for cultural enrichment and are well set and visited.


We want to have a solid leisure activity and events to keep Texel distinguished from other islands and add on to the character of Texel, while informing local inhabitants and tourists about the island and the importance of the sustainable development specified for Texel. This will make Texel not only an island for leisure, but also an educational island. A successful project like this will not only inform and educate people, but also be a tourist attraction, providing an economic boost to the island and its population, while making Texel more distinct from other islands.


For this, the support and willingness of the people of Texel is of vital importance. Convincing the people of Texel of the importance of such an event will be one of the challenges, next to setting up the festival with the different activities.




This festival should be a well visited and known attraction, with its own character, that belongs to Texel for a certain reason; to highlight the importance of the island and to bring people together in a sustainable environment of the first self-supported island. So we have some ambitions in order to make this a successful leisure/educational activity.


1. Inform visitors about the importance of sustainable development on Texel and show why it is on Texel in the first place. Visitors should really get the message, while still being in the mood of vacation.


2. Make the festival economically feasible. The festival should not depend on government subsidies, but pays for itself via solid income and gifts.


3. It should have a unique character. The festival of activity should attract visitors for its special content.


4. The people on Texel should be enthusiastic about it and have a positive attitude, while contributing to its maintenance and improvement.


5. The festival or activity should be sustainable itself. With the concept of 'Teach what you preach', it would be very strange if it would, for example, be a burden on the environment of Texel.



Research question

How can we promote and highlight a unique leisure festival and activities which will inform and educate people about the sustainable way of living of Texel?


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