Sustainability challenge and ambitions, problem statement and research question| WATER CYCLE

As a water cycle sub-sustem our challenge is the reuse and recycle of the existing water sources of Texel Island by providing a sustainable development but also aware the people about the problem.

 Research question:

1)Is it possible to use RainWater Harvesting systems in TEXEL in order to provide the island with clean water? Is it this solution efficient according to the annual precipitation?

In Texel, where the precipitation is approximately 750mm/year [1], and the total area of the island in 161,12km2 the amount of rainfall water is translated in 1,2x10^11 liters. The annual water demands of the island are 0.03x10^11liters, which means that 100% of their needs can be covert only by rainwater.



2)What about the desalination of seawater by providing also energy? (OTEC systems- offshore platform)