concept research

Problem statement: The island of Texel is surrounded by salt sea water at all sides. The sea in Texel is currently only used in leisure activities, while it offers lots of possibilities for food, electricity and fuel production. Some small projects are going on in this field on Texel right now, but to achieve a self-sustaining island this will need to be intensified significantly.

Research question:

To what extend can the sea be used as source for the production …

- of food ?

- of fuel ?

- of electricity ?

- How can these be combined with leisure activities, tourism and education?

The ambition is to have the sea as source for multiple subsystems and be part of closed loops within the subsystems and the whole system on Texel. The solution can consist of multiple smaller projects and loops which each can be used to educate for future sustainable projects elsewhere. Imagine a whole coastline with different projects working together to facilitate life on the island. An educational/leisure tour can me made around the coastline.

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