Faster sustainable together!

Work hard ride fast! This credo is owned by one of my colleagues, Rembrandt Kruijt. What we may share: addicted to endurance sports, enthusiast bike commuter, accused of being workaholic. There may be all kind of clarifications for relaxations by exertion. Whatever it is, we’re full of beans if fascinated by something and considered something really important.

That’s what is needed with regard to the sustainability transition. Full of admiration for her and other sustainability guru’s, I agree with Marjan Minnesma, that it is more than time for action. Her story is every time again positive about the negative. The message is that it is too late for resilience, to save the world for the next generation. But whatever happens, world order has to change any way and people are in charge. Transitions happen by people. Moreover, it’s fun, it’s hard work, and it will take some time …. Get cracking! Let’s cooperate for sustainability! 

Bertien Broekhans

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