3.3 Active role of schools

The primary schools on Texel can play an important role in the vision to become a sustainable island. The pupils from now are the working generation in the next decades where sustainability will be an important subject, also for Texel. Pupils learn by doing and by good examples. To start the building and the teachers should make the change. The school buildings should be energy neutral and have a display where pupils can interact and learn from their own building. Teachers should be a living example how to be sustainable on the island, organizing excursions to nature and sustainable projects.


Sustainable education program
Sustainability should be part of the education on every primary school on Texel. If they want to become a sustainable island, than they have to know what sustainability is and what is happening on their island. People learn by seeing and doing, so not only theory but also practice. Excursions and trips are a good way to show sustainability. Go through the sustainability route or visit the centre of innovation.


Energy neutral school
Giving a good example by starting to make the primary schools energy neutral. To be an example for the pupils but also for the inhabitants of Texel. At the same time the school can improve the indoor environmental quality so that sustainability is linked to health and happiness. The municipality send with this a signal that they are serious about their ambition to become an energy neutral and sustainable island. They should start with the two worst schools to make them energy neutral by 2020 and plan to make all 7 primary schools energy neutral by 2040.



In order to make the school energy neutral allot of technologies are needed to reach this goal, but there are example projects that show that it’s possible. The Burgermeester Waldaschool on the island Ameland is a good example of an energy neutral and fresh school, applying techniques as: high insulated façade, triple layer windows, good air tightness, heat recovery in ventilation, CO2 sensors, heater on waste woods from the island, pv cells, graywater for toilets, sun shading and light sensors. These techniques can be used to make the school energy neutral.  



1. Municipality
The municipality should invest in the schools to make them energy neutral. They also need to support the sustainable education program.

2. Schools
The schools should apply this in their education and the teachers should be motivated and have hearth for their sustainable island.

3. Inhabitants
The inhabitants go to the schools and will see the positive changes to their school.


Expected results

With this implementation in the schools the awareness of pupils (and thus in the future, the inhabitants) about the importance of sustainable Texel and how everyone can participate. With increased knowledge about the subject, people can start changing some habits of theirs on their own with a clear goal. 

The effects regarding the complete school program will be minimal. The main change will be local trips and excursions, which will cost a couple of days on year base.

Stefan H , Thalia , Dennis

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