Let's give ourselves some credit for our behaviour in student housing! As large-scale consumers of second hand furniture and electronics we not only save money, we also give products a second life.

Next weekend I'm moving out of my current apartment. And since I'm going from 55 to 13m2 I have a lot of stuff to get rid of. My phone and facebook account have been occupied by mostly students who are interested in my old couch, wardrobe or refrigerator. Since I knew I would only be the owner of this apartment for a year, these were all bought second hand last year and in this way I can pass them on to their next owner.

It's a funny business, especially for the free stuff, lots of people react and I have the power to pick who I want to make happy. Mostly I just pick the first person to react, but sometimes it's hard to resist a single mother. And then follows this short encounter, someone comes to pick up the furniture I've spend my student years surrounded by. It comforts me to know that they won't end up in the trash (immediately), that someone like me last year, has been able to furniture their house cheaply and on top of that, maybe, a tree can be saved since no new furniture has to be produced. A great example of win-win, and the new shoes I'll able to buy next week (plenty of room for that on 13m2) are a nice bonus!


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