4.1 Introduction

In the future closed circular system, the biological waste stream will be dealt in a sustainable way, by not considering it as “waste”. The biological waste sub-system will be an active and intelligent net exchanging all the waste streams. To make this happen, there will be the need for the introduction of new facilities, new systems and technologies, new laws, even new behaviours.


Now the current sub-system of Materials and Waste is described in chapter 2, and the future design in chapter 3, this chapter will compare these two. The current and future situation will be compared in terms of:

  • Technologies,
  • Actors,
  • Culture and behaviour,
  • Relations between different elements (technologies, industries, organizations, people etc),
  • Rules and regulations that organize the system.

This comparison is useful for the further project since the differences between current and future (desired) situation influence the desired direction. The chapter will end with a conclusion how the differences influence the developments.

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