4.1 Comparing sustainable route

To achieve the sustainable route on Texel certain steps had to be made to realize this. The current sub-system is different from the future sub-system. In this paragraph these two are compared to see what the differences are and to identify possible obstacles.


1. Technology

At this moment the technology of apps are pretty far developed. Apps for museum or events present you information or the program and are already applied. Serious gaming is also a market that is rising and can be used for the sustainable route. If we compare the current with the future technology, there are little steps to take. Connecting the current technologies and actors would be enough to create the platform for the digital sustainable route. 
Also for the sustainable pass there are already existing examples, such as the Rotterdam pas. Also for this no complex obstacles has to be overcome.


2. Actors

The actors fulfill the key role in this ambition. The VVV tourist center and the leisure companies have to change and incorporate the sustainable route into their existing way of doing. But the actors or their culture and way of life do not change, only a new actor will come upon the island; a company (preferably started by islanders) that firstly gains widespread support, make the route and updates the route. An external company can make the technology of the apps and the sustainable pass. A possible start for this company is through the local entrepreneur organisations like TOP, RECRON and Duurzaam Texel.


3. Culture and behavior

To make the sustainable route a success the behavior of the tourists and the inhabitants has to change from a consumer driven to a sustainable-consumer driven actor. Comparing the leisure companies their culture and behavior it can be concluded that they have to make a change in the way they do and present sustainability. In cooperation with the sub-system food&more and materials&waste a plan has to be made to change the culture of restaurants. 


4. Rules and regulations

The sustainable route does not ask for change in the regulations and can therefore be already applicable from the start.


Stefan H , Thalia , Dennis

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