4. Intervention in the Technocycle

In our example of the Technocyle, we had two examples of waste types that could be part of the technocycle. In our case it was a coffee machine and packaging of different types of food packaging. We found that packaging waste most likely ended up being incinerated, while the coffee machine was being recycled. Since incineration is lower on the Ladder of Lansink then recycling, we will propose some strategies for reducing packaging waste on Texel.

The intervention should be focused on reducing the amount of packaging waste that is produced on Texel. But, most of the goods that are being sold on Texel are not produced on the island and therefore one would be dependent on the producers outside of the island. It seems rather unrealistic to expect that we can influence these producers, so we have to come up with another strategy. The ideas of the blue economy are introduced in chapter 7. By introducing the blue economy ideas, we hope to introduce a new way of thinking.  If this way of thinking succeeds on Texel,.there could be an increase in locally, sustainably produced goods. This means that the people of Texel will become less dependent on external products for some goods. If these locally produced goods are designed from a blue economy point of view, they will have a reduced environmental impact and this could also reduce the amount of packaging waste in Texel.

A campaign by the Texel government could help to increase the awareness of these values. This campaign could be designed in a few years, if there have been made some implementation steps for the cycles that we propose in the next chapter.