areas of interest from martin do you create intimacy with strangers..? do you take responsibility for people you don know...?

3. what happens when one person witnesses another....?

4.what happens when you witness another?

5. how do you deal with strangers?

the experience as a choreographer for stage and with dancers..?
developing and directing performance presence?

luka and the last celebrity

the charismatic movement

experiences as a new media artist..

the girlfriend experience...

the watchers

the mauer mob... project organized by networking sites

the possibiltiy of playing with random internet chat roulette sites using autonimous sites as a creative platform...

how intimacy and privacy works online...?

the jazz improv chat roulette video on you tube...

my experience working with in the fashion industry strangers that makes desirability.. a projection of an ideal,

the desire of wanting something that you can not have... ?

mediated and manufactured imagery?

is fashion is surely the same as mediated and manufactured imagery of traditional theatre... the theatricality of advertising....?
of constructed images of constructed realities...?

playing into an ideal which is often constructed...?

the notion of family as a tool...?
how do you do work with strangers?
how do you engage strangers,, both as an audience and a possible participant ( social networking sites)?

flash mob performance in milan...

how do you make strangers responsibile for your artistic or commercial actions?

manipulation or co ownership.. how do you get people to feel that belong?
the notion of family... the notion of love.. bonding?

either through personal or emotional goals or both ?

uniting through a cause or action or event...?

are people who are often involved not strangers but as of yet un made friends?..
why do people participate freely or even pay to part of a an event?

Martin Butler