TELE_TRUST @ De Waag Society for Old & New Media Amsterdam - Photo: Pieter Kers.

How do we trust each other online? Do you need to see my eyes to trust me? Or do we need to touch each other? How do we trust each other as networking bodies?

In Tele_Trust the artists create meeting places to research new parameters for online trust:
"In Tele-Trust we are faced with a paradox: while we increasingly demand transparency in our changing social eco-system, we also cover our bodies with personal communication technology. Tele_Trust is a visual and poetic examination of emotional and social tension in contemporary hybrid cities, in the areas of visibility, presence, privacy and trust."

Tele_Trust includes a series internationally shown performances, installations, video works, meetings, drawing models.

In the performance/installation the audience is invited to explore a series of interactive DataVeils. These DataVeils are embodied interfaces for 'scanning online trust'.

Various DataVeils together form an innovative, semi-compatible social system.
Through audience use of a DataVeil, the artists gather knowledge from different geographical, social-political and networked cultures on the establishing of privacy and trust worldwide, creating an engaging critical agora on the notion of trust.