Act (Do/not-Do) Intuition Reflexivity Witness Negotiation Trust

Dialogue between a DataVeil and a Smartphone.

Tele_Trust networked performance takes place in dynamic semi-public spaces, like train station, square, museum.
Here the audience is invited to wear an interactive DataVeil.
The full-body DataVeil is Gender neutral, and One size fits all. Its design combines visual elements from both Eastern and Western traditions, taking its inspiration from the monks’ habit, the burqa, Darth Vader and the ‘trustworthy’ chalk-stripe business suit.

The DataVeil functions as a second skin, a membrane. Flexible, invisible touch sensors woven in the veils’ smart fabric, transform your body into an intuitive tangible interface. By touching your body in the DataVeil you connect with other people in the network. You meet strangers online on their smartphones.

By gently caressing their screens, anonymous smartphone users can unveil your face online. In a tangible, intimate body experience and real time audio, you share emotions and statements of trust, about the questions: Am I here with you? Who is watching who? Who is controlling who? In what identity - and in whose body?

In an ongoing process user generated content from various social-geographical cultures is added to a database. Stories from different cities weave together in to an exchanging narrative -
Everyone can wear a DataVeil.