Visit to interfaceFLOR

We could see yesterday how biomimicry is implemented, and how a sustanaible industry is possible.

Yesterday we visited interfacefloor, a carpet factory sensitized with sustainability.

At first we attended a lecture of how integrate biomimicry in design.After this, we were able to see the whole proccess of production.

First of all we visited the machinery area, where we were able to see all the complex processes that transform the yarn into a carpet.Biomimicry was present in all this process, yarn was made of 50-60% of recycled contents,a layer of latex was used to fix the carpet to the floor instead of using glue, they use air form the outside to cool the carpet after the layer of latex was put on and they use laser coding instead of ink.
After visiting the machinery area we visited the laboratory which consisted in the testing area of the final product.In this area, carpet was exposed to the sunlight and to mechanical forces to measure its resistance.Its capacitance to get fixed to the floor was also tested by measuring the force needed to take it off from the floor.

To store the product, they use layers which consisted in four boxes made with recycle materials, therefore sustainability was present once again.

The visit was very helpful to understand and to get sensitized with the fact that producing in a sustainable way is possible and it is already going on.

Nuria Aramburu