Biomimicry is the only way to design and create a society conduced to life by learning from nature.

Development should be in touch with life, so how can we design our products and create a society conduced to life ? This question is answered by biomimicry.Following the life's principles we will be able to reach this objective.
These principles are:
1) Evolve to survive

At this point what we need to consider is that our design should be prepared to face any sort of conditions and changes.Getting information and learning which strategies will make us success are necessary to reach this.

2)Be resource(Material and energy) efficient

Our design should be efficient in a such a way that all functions expected to be implemented should be included in just one element.

Consuming energy,as less as possible,is also important at this point as well as using recycling materials and fitting form to function.

3)Adapt to changing conditions

The main idea is embody resilience through variation, redundancy and decentralization.Incorporating diversity would be helpful here.

4) Integrate development with growth

What this life's principle means is the progressive growth and development of our design. This proccess should go on little by little.Combining modular and nested components is the key to get at this point.

5)Be locally attuned and responsive

The key ideas we can use to define what this principle means are win-win interactions between our design and the surrounding enviroment,and feedback loops which can make our design reacts in a reasonable way by learning from nature phenomenas which repeat themselves.

6)Use life-friendly chemistry

Chemistry is nowadays one of the most important enemies of sustainability.Therefore changing this is in our hands and we can reach this by making a not agressive use of it. How can we reach this? the answer is in this life principle:do chemistry in water, break down products into benign constituents and build selectively with a small subset of elements.

What we have to do next is to integrate these principles into design by scoping, evaluating and creating always considering biology.

Nuria Aramburu