Applying Biomimicry to Global Issues

"Design Lessons from Nature."

Life's Principles

"Design Lessons from Nature."

Life's Principles represent the overarching patterns found amongst species surviving and thriving on Earth.
These principles are the following:

1-. Evolve to survive:
+ replicate strategies that work
+ integrate the unexpected
+ reshuffle information

2-. Be resource (material and energy) efficient:
+ use multi-functional design
+ use low-energy processes
+ recycle all materials
+ fir form to function

3-. Use life-friendly chemistry
+ build selectively eith a small subset of elements
+ break down products products into benign constituents
+ do chemistry in water

4-. Be locally attuned and responsive
+ use feedback loops
+ leverage cyclic processes
+ cultivate cooperative relationships
+ use readily available materials and energy

5-. Adapt to changing conditions.
+ incorporate diversity
+ embody resilience through variation redundancy, and decentralizacion
+ mantain integrity through self-renewal

6-. Integrate development with growth
+ self-organize
+ build from the bottom-up
+ combine modular and nested components.

In our project we are going to be resource efficient, using clean energy. We also are going to be flexible, adapting our network to changing conditions.
Our network is able to spread with city growth and we will have a self-organized society: it will be locally attuned and responsive. Finally we are going to use life-friendly chemistry to purify water.

Collados Carlos , Georgia Sismani , Beatriz Martin de Andres