Designing the water-cycle

With the Blopp we decided that in our future we wouldn't want to purify all the available water to a drinking standard, but give individuals the a way to do it themselves. This gave us the ability to look at collecting and storing water in a new way; There was no need to store pure drinking water, seperated from life.

After looking at the questions from the other groups it all suddenly fell into place: Our design should be entangled with all other facets of life: From shelter to recreation, from drinking to storing. When the request came for us to build dams to harvest water energy, we thought, why not build dams out of shelters? And build an artificial dam that can harvest energy, but also provides a recreation ground as well as a place for an ecosystem to flourish. This ecosystem itself will act as a form of purification!

This shelter-dam will use our Blopp to purify the water for drinking, but use the natural water for cleaning and other uses were drinkable water is not required (eg. flushing the toilet).

The dirty water will then be purified, as biologically as possible, and the organic water-waste will then be used as nutrients for other other foodsources in the surroundings.

We also thought about how such a design would look like if we wouldn't have water freely available (ie. desert). There we would use more a tree-like structure which will capture moist from the air (like the namibian lichen), and from deep underground with a root netwerk. But the important thing, is that the water which is necessary for all other lifeforms, will not only be selfishly stored, but also redistributed to the surroundings, thus fueling the life-cycle and creating new ecosystems.

Important in our design is the use of a bidirectional rootsystem, which can distribute, collect and also purify water where ever it is located. Structures (like drinking fountains) could be made to interact with these roots and provide water hotspots.

Try to find more solutions we found with our design when looking at the pictures!

Sebastien Moitzheim , Mark-Michael Weltzl , Franziska Scheuermann