Dynamics and self-organization

Creating frameworks where things can happen, beyond expectations, beyond control.

This is a call for evolution, for progress. But not in a Modernist sense – linear, universal, imposing. It's about embracing the very nature of things: flux, disruption and reconfiguration. It's about creating frameworks where things can happen, beyond expectation, beyond control. 'Framework' is essential here, indicating the human need for a base level of initiative or control. This is where human creativity comes in first. But then letting go and allowing change, that's the crucial artistic challenge. Allowing processes to migrate and redefine their boundaries, while building faith in their self-organizing capacity.

"All good thoughts and all good works of art run on their own as a perpetual motion machine, mentally and sometimes physically; they are very alive" – Jason Rhoades, 'Perfect World'

Angelo Vermeulen