Personal Water Supply

Water as an essential component of human beings

My group choose the topic water and focused on the personal water supply of a Person (YOU) and the effect of its surrounding people (UNITY).
We made up different scenarios of the everyday life of someone who lost his access to water. This scenarios show a travel through the day and are related to TIME, PLACE and an ACTION a person wants to do. What we found out as a conclusion is that water is a essential component of daily routine of human beings. Water influences us every time, from flushing the toilet, having a shower or, the most essential thing, drinking. Time is a very important matter considering water, human beings die when they are not able to drink water for three days.
Our scenario pointed out that we as a group want to focus on water-timing, which means to be able to get access to water at anytime. What we found out at researching the use of water is that a enormous amount of purified water is only used for cleaning and flushed into the drains afterwards.
What we want to focus on now is the segregation of drinkable water and water which is only used for cleaning and flushed directly into the recycle system afterwards.

Franziska Scheuermann