BioMimicry Water

Presentation of Biomimicry and groupwork

On the second part of our day at we focused, as a group, again on our topic water. We decided to design a process to 1) collect 2) clean and 3) distribute water. The most important thing at this process is to synchronize these different steps, which means the matter of time is essential for our design.
Therefore, we had to define some parameters and we decided we want to reach the standard of drinking water which is available all time, self sustain and we only use life-friendly chemistry. As a non negotiable fact we want to realize our project in a city which is located in an area where there are infrequent rain conditions. As we learned in the lecture about Biomimicry we want our design to adapt to changing conditions. During our research we got to know the city of Lavasa which is located in the western part of India. In Lavasa there is constant rainfall for about two months and no rain for the next ten month anymore. Because of that we were looking for some creatures of nature which successfully adapt to these enormous changing weather conditions.
At our research we found a Namibian Lichen which captures fog with its wiry tangles and stores it inside itself. As an other example we found the Bromeliad plant which traps water with its hydrophilic hairs and stores them in its center using its hydrophobic leaves.
The Welwitscha plant occurs in the namib desert and has only one or two leaves which can grow up to six meters and roots with a radius of fifteen meters which store the water in the soil.
As a conclusion we found out that there are very adapted plants living in the changing weather conditions we choose for our project. All of them consider the matter of time and have a storage of water where they have access to every time during the day.

Franziska Scheuermann