Summary of the workshop

Reflections on this workshop

So what's to say about this workshop? Hmm first I want to say, time passes a lot too fast. But the first two days were really hard to understand because I think no one of our group had a plan what to do. We all heard so many interesting things but the goal of the workshop seems to be so far away. For me it was a new way to solve a problem. You have to think about many things when you want to understand the structure of such a complex, creative designing process. New tools were presented to us like the YUPTA-analysis or biomimicry as a knowledge tool. I think it’s the most interesting thing to look at nature and make things similar to it and solve so many problems with the help of “only” nature. Everyone was surprised of the clever solutions from our planet. Another thing is Presence. Before this week I heard sparely about such an important topic. We need a change in the people’s behaviour to prevent from future disasters. In the last two days everything was connected in the sense of a smart and social network. So every field of application was stacked together and a more or less holistic picture of a better world in 2050 was created. So see what future brings and be optimistic.

Markus Zöchbauer