Biomimicry what an inspiration!

A day at a sustainable factory

Biomimicry is a new approach for getting inspiration for design. Nature throughout billions of years of evolution process has created systems that are sustainable and can survive and thrive in a certain environment and under certain circumstances. The most important thing in nature is that life creates the conditions to life which means that when life exists it improves the environment for others spices to exist . There are six basic principles in nature that can be apllied to design process. You have to evolve to survive thus meaning you have to learn from mistakes and copy whatever seems to work. You have to be resourse efficient by recycling your material using low energy processes and using multi-fuctional design fitted to the fuction that is required. You have to adapt to changing conditions ,intergrate development with growth, be locally atuned and responsive and use life friendly chemistry. The idea of Biomimicry is not to copy the nature but to seek insiparion to solve our design projects applying the principles of nature. Searching for that inspiratin we visited a big facrory that is not only famous for the quality of carpets they make but also for the processes that apply to be friendly to the enviroment. They have set a tough goal to have zero impact to the enviroment until 2020.They call it missin zero! I believe they can achieve it because they are working really hard towards that direction , they are making all the necessary investment and they are keep thinking new ideas to improve their sustainability. What is really intressting is that they care to recycle their products after their usage period and they clloect them from their customers. After that they use lie-to-like recycle which is a new and very intressting approach. I hope that their example will be followed by other factories so that people and especially next generations will live in prosperity in a sustainable planet .

Palantas Panagiotis