Life's principles

transcript from Tuesday 15/3/11 at InterfaceFLOR

Life’s principles

Envolve to survive:
• Replicate strategies that work (parus major)
• Reshuffle information (elephant)
• Integrate the unexpected (motts)

Be resource:
• Recycle all materials (duck)
• Fit form to function (fish)
• Use multifunctionsl design
• Use low-energy processes

Integrate Development with grow:
• Combine modular and nested components
• Build from the bottom up
• Self organize

Adapt to changing conditions:
• Embody resilience through variation, redundancy & decentralisation
• Incropo0rate diversity
• Use feddback loops
• Maintain integrity through self renewal

Be locally Attuned and Responsive:
• Use readily available energy and resources
• Cultivate cooperative relationships
• Leverage cyclic processes

Use life-friendly chemistry (spider):
• Do chemistry in water
• Build selectively with a small subset of elements
• Break down products into benign constituents

Other keywords in this context
• Gravity, sunlight, water (organism): ethos, connect, emulate
• Cyclic processes
• Dynamic, non-equilibrium

The design process is a cyclic process with bilogy in it's center
Creating <> Scoping <> Evaluating --> biology

Markus Zöchbauer