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Third workshop: On Relation (Stockholm 18-20 September 2012)

The workshop will take place in Stockholm 18-20 September at the EIT Presence Lab at KTH Main Campus including a visit to the EIT Colocation Center on KTH KIsta campus. The evening of 17 September and 18 September are 'open workshop days' with invited guest speakers. On 19-20 September, prototyping continues within a smaller group, following the needs of the Mediating Presence work group.

Again, we will focus on the development of our prototypic workspace set up between KTH and Delft but we will naturally also focus the FP7 applications. We will host the workshop in the KTH R1 Presence Lab with excursions to the EIT ICT Labs colocation in Kista (with new interior design and Multitouch Bubblescreen installations as well as a videocafé linked to other EIT centres) and to Konstfack University College of Arts Craft and Design - hereby seeking to repeat something similar to the creative atmosphere of our March workshop in Stockholm; and our June workshop in Delft. If you would like to participate, please email either,; or as soon as possible (proper invitations will follow).

18 September includes an Innovation radar workshop - creative think tank and future fore sighting, with Magnus Boman.

The workshop is also devoted to assembling a consortium for EU FP7 applications beginning 2013. One relates to the topic of an Augmented Hospital-Home Relationship; one to THe Mediated Courtroom Horizon 2020.

It was discussed earlier that the workshop can include a boat trip to Helsinki, to share experiences with the EIT Smart Spaces project and its installations at the Helsinki Colocation Centre, HIIT, Aalto and a visit to the Multitouch company. This Helsinki visit needs to take place on another date (co-organized with Marko Turpeinen, Konrad Tollmar, Kai Kuikkaniemi).