EIT ICT Labs: Mediating Presence


The European Institute of Technology (EIT) is a collaboration between different technical universities in Europe. ICT Labs is part of EIT and within ICT Labs there is a special research program on Mediating Presence. This is the collaborative workspace of the Mediating Presence research programme within EIT ICT Labs. Participants publish and collect articles on this site. The Being-Here collaborative research platform is the so called testbed of this research program.

The Medating presence program consists of workshops and in-between remote collaboration.In the workshops theoretical discussions are matched with rapid prototyping experiments. During the last workshop a Conference is organised in which results of the workshops are shared.

Activity leader: Charlie Gullstrom

The workshop on Place:
Stockholm 14-16 March 2012

The workshop on Time: Delft/Eindhoven 17-20 June 2012

The workshop on Relation:
Stockholm 18-20 September 2012

The workshop on Action: Delft/Eindhoven 21-23 November 2012

Final Conference: 22nd November 2012

Please contact if you are interested in participating,