First Workshop: on Place (Stockholm, 14-16 March 2012)

Eleanor Ostrom

This first workshop took place in Stockholm and launched the EIT ICT Labs Presence Lab at KTH, a disused reactor hall on campus (
The first workday focused the theoretical body of knowledge relating to shared mediated spaces, and what may be said to constitute "A conceptual toolbox for presence design" while the following days were devoted to prototyping in the Presence Lab.

Snapshots from our prototyping are available following the links below, and further down is a short report.

You will find the layouts and background information of the prototype in the section 'March prototype called Crosssroads Hangout'.

Mediated Sketching Table:

(the above can be compared with a prototype set up at TU Delft two weeks later:

Crossroads Hangout

Panorama shot of Crossroads Hangout 3 (the 3-party shared mediated space) is made available here by Peter Parnes

Mindblowing glass-blowing at Konstfack…