The Presence Lab

Our ICT Labs experience lab, the Presence Lab is located in a disused reactor hall on KTH campus and offers a 24x12x12 m underground space used for various research activities relating to presence design since 2008 ( It is a cultural heritage site, classified as a museum and receives funding from KTH and industrial partners.

It is used for research activities in collaboration between KTH and various artistic colleges settled on KTH campus (opera, dance, music, drama).
It will be used as an experience lab for prototyping throughout 2012 as part of the Mediating Presence activity. A Smart Spaces core research activity already utilizes KTHR1 Presence Lab as a testbed (KIC Activity Identifier 10431, Task 07 R13DLocator). The Presence Lab will also contribute to the RIHA Multimodal Interaction Lab in 2012. A TDCT Digital Cities activity proposal "E-campus distributed Lab" further includes KTHR1 as a Presence lab testbed 2012.

Charlie Gullström