Place is defined by engagement

YUTPA factors for Place

One of the most remarkable phenomena that emerged from the large-scale use of the Internet is the fact that millions of people are capable of communicating and interacting in vital processes without sharing the place where their bodies reside. The body is present in a place, needs food and sleep, yet people can sense their own and others presence to be elsewhere and communicate anyway.

Nevertheless, after a few decades of widespread global communication, it has become clear that locality is of great importance to human beings (interview Upadhya 2008). The same argument is valid for technical infrastructures and the data they transport. Location of infrastructure and location of data define access and flows fundamentally (interview van Splunter 2008). Locality defines situated agency. Situated agency is characterized by cultural and political realities defining both body and data movements around the globe. Politics of presence, including politics of privacy and authorship, are subjected to global business dynamics (interviews Parthasartahi 2008, Dinesh 2008, Warnier 2008).