Relations in transport

How relations can be involved while in the action of getting from one place to another

One might wonder whether “relations” have something to do with transport. Maybe the standard answer is ‘no’, but we will try to let you know that people can change their mind indeed. We will try to figure out how to make transportation go social, because ‘social’ means ‘productive’, and productive means time and money.

So, how are we going to figure it out? We want to make the action of transporting become a passive action, so that people can focus on other actions that can involve, for instance, getting some work done before arriving to the office (which also connects with the “Activity” topic) or having the first meetings in the morning. This way, we think, not only transporting actors (railroad companies, etc.) can create value from that, nowadays, useless period of time, but also all the people who is being transported.

German Marín