Water lilies as an urban development model

To further adapt the shape of the small-scale city to any given environment, we adopted a model based on bio-mimicry and, more precisely, the water lily.

Be it land or water, there is a plant which takes a shape and a function that overrides the geographical context and can be placed wherever you need it. The water lily.

To make a sustainable model which can adapt to any given location, we thought about the circular, radial urban development plans, which have been seen throughout utopian visionary drawings across the ages.
But what would we do with the given knowledge we have now?

Taking note of the different capitals across the world, with their height developing in the midst of some downtowns, we notice that at the heart of each city, height rises and density soars.

Accounting for the circular two-dimensional shape, the density variations and the need to develop this model on any type of land mass or ocean, we're utilizing the shape of the water lily flower on top of it's leaf, taking urban development to the seas, being the most effective we can be.

Gustavo Pv