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Interesting papers, relating to Shared negotiation spaces

Let's gather them here!

Leif Handberg pointe due to the following two papers:
Design Collaboration on a Multi-touch Tabletop
Paul Clifton1, Ali Mazalek1, Jon Sanford2, Claudia Rébola2,
Seunghyun “Tina” Lee2, Natasha Powell2
Digital Media Program1, School of Industrial Design2
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA, USA

Shared Design Space: Sketching ideas using digital pens
and a large augmented tabletop setup
Michael Haller1, Peter Brandl1, Daniel Leithinger1, Jakob Leitner1, Thomas Seifried1,
and Mark Billinghurst2
1 Digital Media, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Austria
2 HITLabNZ, University of Canterbury, New Zealand