Reflections from workshop in Mediating Presence in Delft June 17-20 2012.

Great and inspiring workshop!!

Overall: The workshop was very inspiring and fruitfull. The gang is great and it is very good that we are trying to build something bigger together (IP)! The work environment was a bit chaotic from time to time and this was a good thing as it allows for continued work and to make progress. A dilemma is that some individuals are involved in many parts of the project and we need a cloning device :)

Program: The program was very good and interesting. Suggetions for improvments includes that we should work more together on discussing where we want to go with various parts. E.g. as part of the protyping make sure everybody gets involved and actually discuss on where we want to go next. Also we think we all would benefit from a bit more "space" in the program for spontaneous work, discussions and perhaps a bit of "other work", as well as getting a chance to go outside and think and reflect.

Prototype: The work on the prototype had not progress as far as we had expected before the workshop and the expectations was a bit different between individuals. Today much of the implementation is done in a prototype-way without a clear goal and without clear priorities where several different prototypes are discussed in parallell while at the same time it is only a few persons that actually implement anything in the prototypes which leads to a split in focus.

Peter Parnes , Kåre Synnes