As this paper builds on research undertaken while I was Director of the VINNOVA Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Communications at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, I want to thank the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems for funding our interdisciplinary group of researchers since 2006, based on a vision that video-mediated communications can promote innovative thinking in terms of a sustainable development. My current research platform in presence design is a productive outcome of this ambitious venture, to which I have been able to commit myself fully over the last 2 years, by exploring the contribution from architecture to the broader field of ICT-mediated human activity. I specifically wish to thank Ove Anebygd at Ericsson AB for giving me full access to the Ericsson ‘Teleworker and Video Presence’ study; Aase Schibsted Knudsen for allowing me to use Atwood in Norway as a fruitful example of presence design; and Agneta Ekman, MD, private consultant and specialist in psychiatry and occupational health, for her participation in a user study in which she treated twenty patients remotely. My close colleague Leif Handberg, Senior Lecturer in Media Technology, KTH, deserves utmost recognition for his insights during our collaboration and friendship, which has now spanned more than 10 years.