Karen Lancel & Hermen Maat

We were very happy when Nevejan invited us to develop a presentation about our networked practice in her networked research environment 'BeingHere'. Our project Tele_Trust is inspired by the texts of media theorist William J. Mitchell: 'I am part of the networks and the networks are part of me... I link, therefore I am.' ('ME++: The Cyborg Self and the Networked City'). In Tele_Trust we research the city as a hybrid network; our awareness of 'presence' in a networked society; and the changing awareness of our bodies in relation to the digital network. For Tele_Trust we create series of drawings and texts as conceptual models; and we invite the audience to explore the awareness of being a 'networking body' in performances, installations and 'social labs'. Nevejan’s 'BeingHere' is a rich thematical hypertext creating a great format and context to develop a reflective presentation of our artistic research; and it's theoretical, social and technical innovation. Furthermore, by using the interactive keywords we are able to connect with other and unexpected knowledge fields create new insights for future development of our work. Thanks!

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