The fourth day

Struggle is always part of a design process. Don't be afraid for it.

In order to get things right from the start, in the morning we had a chat with Appelman. We used our time efficiently, and today really showed it's value. We found interesting information about the Hercules Beetle, and how this insect communicates/indicates humidity. This gave us inspiration for the humid sensor in the building. Another interesting organism, the so called “ Skunk cabage” uses a really smart way of regulating temperature, actually based upon an complex mathematic algorithm.
The idea of bringing in an organic structure regulating, sensing an adapting to the environment finally really starts to live! The building will now sense, transform and communicate information to the user in a natural way.
In the area of education, for us as a team it is most important social interaction is stimulated. We have sincere concerns about the future of social interaction, since everything is becoming digital. What exactly is a friend on facebook?
Our goal is to bring people physically together again, because we believe a physical experience is more rewarding and is actually able to inspire. This kind of experiences can change lives.
During the presentation rehearsal things were okay, but our slides were a little bit basic with a lot of text. This needs to be improved tomorrow!