Third day's summary

Conclusion of the 3rd day

On the 3rd day, we arrived at the classroom earlier than usual, in order to discuss and prepare our first presentation about our topic, education and communication. Finally, we decided to make generation information, disseminate/share information and disseminate/share information as our main functions. We also got many advice from other groups and the supervisor.

In the afternoon's discussion, we started to find the detail technologies to implement our functions. Then we divided our group into 2 parts, one part worked with the architecture design which leads to a good study environment, the other one with me worked with the software and computer network system that we need to use for the education and communication. I and Koelman proposed ideas such as face recognition system in the classroom and the laboratory, underground and computer controlled automatic library, central nervous system, variability and merging of data and some other techs can increase our communication efficiency. Also, the other part, Van Bergen and Stokhuijzen came up with a good design model. But in the presentation at the end of the day, we ignored the information proposed by me and Koelman. Of course, we have already have the ideas and we will present them tomorrow morning. Wish tomorrow a day of success and harvest.