The 4th day's conclusion

Summary of my 4th day

As I expected yesterday, today is really a day of harvest on which we made a big process.

In the morning, we came to the classroom, shared our ideas about the soft and network things with the professor, and we also got many valuable suggestions from the professor. Then we started to work on the right way. We firstly defined our 3 top level functions that we need to realize, and the we worked in 2 sub-groups with the details on the top level function. I was in the group dealing with the central nervous system, in the building. We defined three major functions, detecting and collecting information, transferring information and delivering information. And of course, we find several biomimicry things can used to implement these function. At the same time, our other 2 people also made great process in there work.

In the afternoon, we came to the botanical garden, where we saw a lot of new things that attract me a lot. This tour gave me a deeper understanding to the biomimicry.

After the tour to the botanical garden, we prepared and did our overall presentation, and got a good response and some good advice.

We still need to do some optimal things with our presentation tomorrow morning, and I also need to practice more on it in order to make a good and fluent presentation. Good luck with the final presentation, and all of us will need it!