Day 2 Athens week

It was quite weird and annoying during the morning. Once again we spend time on the web site Withnessing you trying to figure out how to put our daily reflection on it.
However during the afternoon, we had really fascinating lectures about bees and how animals are communicating. It was really interesting because while we were learning a lot of things about the wild world we also learnt how to ask nature how She would do the functions we are trying to develop. A first step was finally made toward biomimicry !
Then we made a brainstorming which was quite interesting and it taught me how to do an efficient brainstorming. A lot of good ideas went out and I am now quite confident for the future! People have a lot of good ideas.
After this exercice we start to work on our topic Food and waste and we tried to determine what are food and wastes for both humans and buildings. This helped us to see how we could establish cycles to make a sustainable building. We spend time to find solutions and identify issues related to our topic. We work until the end of the afternoon and it was quite great to work with such a dynamic and funny team !
If found it really hard to find global functions about Food and Waste. But maybe tomorrow I will be able to understand it better ! :)