Day 4

Show must be ready!

Because the deadline was getting close, we were finishing our articles in order to be ready for the presentation. I discussed with the rest of the team about the article I wrote to have their point of view about the YUTPA marks I put. After a fair discussion we agreed on it and moved on the outline we were going to follow during the presentation.
At the beginning of the afternoon, we went to the botanical garden where someone working there taught us a lot of amazing things such as all kind of pepper s are coming from the same tree. It was also interesting to see how numerous are symbiosis (banana tree with ants and another tree with the fungus …). It comforts me on my idea to improve the eco-message by creating a win-win situation thanks YUTPA.
Then we made our presentation. We realized that even if we improved our message and made clear what functions we were using with which biomimical answer, we were spending too much time on transition. We ran out of time. So we finally decided to make a prezi.
We left the library at 22h30 after working really hard on the presentation but we were quite happy about the result. We just needed to add two slides.
After all this week of hard work, I was quite happy with the result. We managed to bring innovative ideas and we put them all together in one design.
If I needed to conclude what I have learnt about this workshop I would say:
- I learnt how to ask Nature by using general functions
- I learnt how to understand better people by using YUTPA and how to make them feel good
- I improved my working team knowledge (being in a team without being a leader)
It was quite a good experience and I am glad that I chose this Athens course.