Day 3 Most exhausted day!!!

We keep working from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It has been a long journey from the topic "Water" to the specific design. In addition, I was selected as an editor of the workshop of the group which means there will be lots of work to be done.....But it is my honor to work with my teammates~

Today must be the most exhausted day ever! We keep working from 9o’colock in the morning to 5o’colock in the afternoon with just two separated half-an-hour break in between. However, the payback of the hard working day has proven what we have done is worth doing. We almost came to a conclusion strongly related to our topic “water” and has some crosslinking to the topic of other groups.

We made a brief presentation about what we are going to do with the design of water. It's a success of teamwork despite my part is not so well organized. But I believe I will have improved it till tomorrow.

Finally, Prof. Jaco told us to pick up what we need and what we can offer in order to make some links to other groups. It's a nice way to mix up all the groups to force them to talk to each other and have some comments on the designs. We, the "water" team, of course will need the energy to do the treatment and the pumping work of water. Besides that, we will need a big tank to store the water for about 130000L water in total which would be placed on the higher floor of the building. What we can offer is the waste water for the "waste" team to do the recycling and the water consumption data for the "education" group to do the statistic work.