Day 02

My second day at TUDelft

What I enjoyed the most today was working in the design of the Faculty building. The post-it brainstorming technique worked just fine. It’s way more effective than the regular brainstorming strategy. I also feel that The Ask Nature and the function analysis quick lectures were also quite efficient and useful. Working in groups was also great, everybody seemed really motivated, which was stimulating and we got to practice our teamwork skills.
The lectures about the animal based approach were also extremely interesting, principally the bees one. It was real biomimicry and professor Videler managed to transmit his passion through his presentation. Clearly understanding how this expert proceeds was really useful and we definitely have learnt from it.
However, the movie we saw during the morning seemed really superficial to me. It was basically a list of several “green designed” technical solutions presented too quickly.
The “being here” lecture was much clearer and useful than the yesterday one, even if it was still quite long. Another good thing is that we were finally able to drink coffee during the pause.