Day 04

My 4th day at TU Delft. Last day for designing.

We had to keep on working on our design this morning. As we were already kind of aware of the other group’s requirements, we could adapt the structure to their needs. Of course, we had to keep asking them all the time if they were ok with the solutions that we found, and asking figures so to measure the importance of their requests. At the end of the morning we finally came up with a final design. After eating the architect and the industrial designer of our group draw the structure of the building on a big sheet of paper using the little sketch that we had done. Meanwhile, we though about the plan of our presentation, which we wrote in a mindmap software in order to visualize it and work better. Once it was done, we asked for the DUTCH GUY to help us by scanning our small sketchesand then we used it as a background photo for our prezi final presentation. We were kin of late and had to make the last changes on it during some of the other groups’ presentations, which was a shame. At the end of the day we presented our work to the others and they seemed ok with it. We also decided which order we would follow tomorrow and we’re the first group. Finally, the this long day was over, I had the impression that we made our task and almost all the group ate pizza together with the professor in a very cozy and pleasant diner.